Encrypted Password 3


Click on the link below and enter username and password in to the boxes when prompted, there are two users, Fred who's password is hello and Joe who's password is goodbye, neither are case sensitive.  



Follow the instructions below, to create your own password system for your web site.

First generate a "cunning number" (encrypted password) for each of your users, this is done simply typing the required password in the boxes below (e.g. hello, or goodbye) and press calculate, note the "cunning number" generator is not case sensitive

Enter password:
Confirm password:  

Cunning Number 

Once you have your "cunning numbers" and add the following script to the JavaScript to the top of the page to wish to protect, replacing  Fred and Joe with the usernames you want (make sure they are small caps) and also replace the values for their "cunning numbers" with the ones you calculated using the above cunning number calculator.  If you want more than 2 users it is a simple copy and past procedure to make more. 

Done, nice and simple, yes?